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Annunciation Catholic Church and Mount Massive

Experience the Beauty and Adventure of the high Rockies

Leadville, Colorado, is a charming and historic town located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. As a former mining town, it’s a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty and adventure of the American West.

At over 10,000 feet, Leadville is the highest incorporated city in North America. Its stunning mountain views and crisp alpine air make it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Surrounded by three national forests (White River, San Isabel, and Pike), Leadville is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature. Leadville also boasts incredible views of many of the highest peaks in the American Rockies. Mount Elbert (14,439 ft) and Mount Massive (14,428 ft) are visible from just about every spot in town—including the motel.

Leadville feels very far from the resort towns along the i70 corridor, but it offers unparalleled access to the stunning mountains of Colorado. We’re a mere 20-minute drive from Copper, 40 minutes from Vail, and less than an hour from Breckenridge and Keystone. With its affordability and charm, Leadville provides a delightful alternative to the typical resort experience and is an ideal base camp for exploring multiple mountains.

Oro City

Slab town


Leadville is a town with a rich and fascinating history. Founded in 1877, at the start of the Silver Boom, Leadville was a new settlement for the people of Oro City, two miles away, and was initially named “Slab Town”. For obvious reasons, the people demanded a more marketable name, and “Leadville” was chosen. Leadville became a boom town of the Colorado Gold Rush and was home to some of the country’s wealthiest and most notorious figures. From Molly Brown, the “unsinkable” survivor of the Titanic, to the infamous outlaw Doc Holliday, to businessman and US Senator Horace Tabor. Leadville’s history is filled with colorful characters and larger-than-life stories.

Come explore our town’s history through its many museums, historic buildings, and tours. The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of mining in the American West, while the Tabor Opera House (pictured here) offers a glimpse into the town’s cultural past. Visitors can also take a walking tour of the town’s historic district, which features over 70 Victorian-era buildings, or visit the Dexter Cabin, the oldest remaining log cabin in Leadville. Every building here has a story, and much of it has been painstakingly preserved. Much of Leadville’s main street, Harrison Avenue, is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Tabor Opera House on Ski Joring Weekend

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